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ARRISHOBBY Reward Points Rules


ARRISHOBBY start to implement member reward points from today.  And we will implement some promotions for “member only”, bring more surprise to our members.


How to get the Reward Points?
There are ways to get the reward points: Registered points, Consumption points and Reward points.

  1. Registered Points

Once you register on ARRISHOBBY.COM successfully, you can get 100 points.

  1. Consumption Points

You can earn point through making orders on the website. When you place the order on our website, on each product page, you could see how many reward points you will get for that item. After you place the order successfully and we send out your order, the points will be awarded to your account. For most of the items, 1USD=1 points.
If the order is cancelled or changed for different price items, the points will cancel or adjust.

  1. Reward Points
    1. You can write reviews about our products on the website; this can earn 10 to 30 points.
    2. You can share the videos of our products to us by sending them to [email protected]. Once we list it on our website, we will award 100 to 300 points to your account.
    3. If you have some good suggestion for our website or our products, you can tell us. Once we adopt it, we will award 10 to 50 points to you.
    4. If the total amount of one order is over $1500, you can award extra 200 points.
    5. You can post a thread about our products in the forum, and send the link to us. This could reward 10 to 50 points.


How to check the reward points?
Just log in your account, click “My Account”, then you could see it.


How to exchange the reward points?
The reward points can exchange to cash and you can use it when you place the order on the website.
Generally, for 500 reward points, you can exchange it for $10 cash, for 1000 reward points, you can exchange it for $20 and etc.
For example, if I have 700 points now, when I added the items into cart, and click check out, in step 2, the following information will be shown on the page:

Click $10, and then continue, the system will deduct $10 from the total amount I need to pay.

And now my reward point will change to 200 points.